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The pre-workout you've been waiting for... The ALL IN ONE pre-workout, bringing you intense pump, endurance, and energy.  Plus FREE SHIPPING!


Blue Razz Pre-Workout

  • PUMP Junk Dog brings you some of the most skin shredding pumps you can imagine.  The pump is important in expanding the muscle itself and bringing the nutrients where they need to go.  Our formula is so potent because we ONLY use ingredients that work. Most companies only contain micro dosages of these all natural ingredients because they tend to be expensive for the producer. 


    - 2:1 Citrulline malate

    - B3 Niacinamide 



    ENDURANCE In order to grow muscle you have to be willing to push through your comfort zone week to week.  This means you have to strive and endure more reps/weight/sets than the workout before. Junk Dog provides you with the fuel necessary to explode through those extra reps and sets.  

    -Creatine HCL 

    -Beta Alanine 



    ENERGY We all have been there... long days where we just want to crash, skip the gym, and eat comfort food. Those days are GONE.  Our natural energy and focus enhancers will keep you cosistently getting off your couch and into the gym

    -Caffine anhydrous



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